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I have taken the task of being a Ring Girl and turned into a great par time job. Getting to meet so many people while being a Ring Girl is absolutely exciting by all means. Every weekend while being a Ring Girl I get to meet hundreds of Mixed Martial Arts ( Cagefighting ) Fans and more.

Ring Girl Credentials include , Big John’s MMA, Caged Aggression, and UFL

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 Authoured By Torrey Lee Writer For Amateur Combat Sports.com                UFC on fox 3 is headliner Nate Diaz vs. Jim Miller

                   is going to be huge for the light weight division.

This is one of those unique fights where if one person (Diaz) is the victor he earns a title shot and the other (Miller) gets the chance to play spoiler and takes one step closer to number one contender. Diaz drop back down to the light weight division two fights ago and has had the best performances of his career. His first fight back at light weight was against Takanori Gomi at UFC 135. Diaz out boxed Gomi landing 36 significant strikes to Gomi’s 6 (According to fightmetric.com) then caught Gomi in an armbar submission all in the first round. Diaz’s second fight was against Donald”Cowboy” Cerrone. Even though Cerrone was the more accomplished striker Diaz out boxed him also landed 260 significant strikes with a 66% landed percentage. A win over Miller will guarantee Diaz a title fight with the winner of Frankie “The Answer” Edgar and Champion Benson “Smooth” Henderson.

Jim Miller was once the undisputed the UFC lightweight number one contender. Miller was on a 7 fight win streak and would have gotten a title shot if he had beaten now champion Benson “Smooth” Henderson. Since that lose Miller had defeated dangerous striker Melvin “The Young Assassin” Guillard. In that fight Guillard attempt to overwhelm Miller with strikes. Miller managed to take Guillard down and catch him in a rear naked choke (RNC) 2:04 of the first round. Now back on the winning track Miller will work his way back into the title picture. A win over Diaz will get him one step closer to where he wants to be.

In this article I will compare both fighters in five major categories Striking, Grappling, Cardio, Credibility and Outside Factors. Based on the results I will then give my official fight prediction.

Jim Miller striking abilities are decent at best. In his fight against now champion Benson “Smooth” Henderson Miller took a beating standing up. Miller is a grappling based fighter and takes a lot of damage when he is unable to take a fighter down. Diaz is one of the most feared strikers in the light weight division. Entering a fight with Diaz all his opponents know one thing. They are going to be hit a lot.
Striking Advantage: Diaz

Both fighters are creditable Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) practitioners. Miller and Diaz have a combined 22 MMA submission wins.
Grappling Advantage: Even

This one is really tough. Both fighters manage to keep a decent pace when going three rounds. Since this will be a five rounder I think Diaz’s triathlon training with big bother Nick will come into play.
Cardio Advantage: Slightly Diaz

Credibility comes down to a simple question, who have you beaten? Many times in the past I have seen people get title shots and high rankings they didn’t deserve because they beat up bums. Miller’s notable wins are Melvin Guillard, Gleison Tibau, and Duane Ludwig. Miller’s three losses are to fighters currently ranked top 5 in the world on multiple MMA outlets. Diaz’s notable wins are Donald Cerrone, Takanori Gomi, and Manvel “Manny” Gamburyan. Even though Diaz has more losses he has fought fighters in both the light weight and welter weights divisions who are currently ranked top 10 in the world.
Credibility Advantage: Slightly Diaz

Outside factors
Outside factors are things outside of the cage that could potentially influence the fight such as injuries, family issues, or distractions. As far as I know both fighters enter this fight health, focused and ready to fight.
Outside factors Advantage: Even

Official Prediction
Their grappling abilities will cancel each other out. Since Diaz has superior stand up he will beat up on Miller until that knockout blow puts Miller to sleep. Diaz will win this fight via knockout late in the third round.

Winner Diaz

Catch the UFC on fox matchup May 5th Dis you miss this One ,, CLICK HERE

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Objection is the common word every marketers encounter in network marketing business especially if you are a newbie in the business.

   So learning how to overcome objections is one of the top business skills you need to know and learn to master in your MLM business. Objections are natural for people who just encountered things which are new and unfamiliar to them. It is your responsibility as a future sponsor to assist them on how to overcome objections. Generally the objections that you hear from your prospects most likely aren’t real.

Common rejections we hear from a prospect:

I don’t have spare time to do business as of now

I don’t have enough money as of now

Let me think about it first

I don’t want to be engage in a monthly obligation

I don’t have interest in network marketing

Let me ask my husband first

4 Best Techniques to Overcome Objections In Network Marketing

Objections are an old age dilemma for starters. To become successful in overcoming objections, first, you need to understand – why the prospect objects? If your prospects are doubtful, you have to give him/her an assurance that will change their mind about your product. Giving them the assurance they want to hear will definitely change their mind and they wont object your proposal.

Here are some guidelines on how to overcome objections:

1. Add material. Presenting proper and enough information to your prospect will help them understand you motive on your proposal.

2. Treat objection as a question. Don’t let objection turns you down, instead use this as a question or a motivation for you to succeed. Treating objections as a question will help you understand what your prospect wants.

3. Use the similar lines of reasoning as the prospect’s objection. Agreeing with all your heart to the prospect – is a good way to avoid objections. Using the same line as your prospect’s objection and adding an interesting point that will catch their attention is a good way to overcome objections.

4. Search if the voiced objection is the only one. If you prospect objects, reply it in a friendly way and follow up with great benefits about your product and the advantage they will have if they agree for your proposal.

When you encounter objection – don’t put it in a negative way. Doing so will not bring you to your main goal which is to become successful in the business. Taking objections in a positive way will gain you more knowledge and ideas on what are the things that your prospect would like or dislike. Making objections as your motivation to become successful will get you to the top.

Learning how to overcome objections as a part of becoming a professional network marketer will lead you into a brighter future.

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